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Hotel Development & Project Management Services

Maximum Hospitality Consultants have broad experience in all aspects of hotel development including market and feasibility analysis, due diligence, land use support, project management, engineering, and other elements of the development process from concept through start-up.

One small oversight or invalid assumption during the planning or execution of a hospitality project could cost you a huge amount of money and cause you unnecessary anguish. We can assist you to get it right by effectively planning or assisting you to manage your new project — from the beginning to opening and beyond.

During the initial phase of your project, we are skilled at evaluating blueprints and plans, and communicating with architects, builders and decorators. Our thorough knowledge of hospitality operations can help you avoid traps like troublesome locations, over-capitalising or constructing unworkable surroundings.

Our vast experience with the human side of hospitality means we can also design a workable, efficient management structure for your new project, then create the various job descriptions you need and follow through by recruiting and training your management and supervisory staff — all in one seamless process. We recognize that your new business will only be as strong as the people we gather to run it for you.

We can also advise you on appropriate pre-opening marketing activities and oversee the establishment of your initial customer base. In short, we can provide a complete service that saves you time, money and frustation.

Investment Analysis, Appraisal & Valuation

Whether an acquisition or disposition of an asset, in order to meet objectives and ambitions and optimize investments, strong financial analysis is key to successful transactions.

Maximum Hospitality Consultants bring a wealth of experience developing accurate, reliable evaluations for a range of property types. Maximum’s professionals have developed investment models for a wide variety of hospitality projects. Through practiced analysis of market conditions and review of development and business goals, our consultants will offer objective evaluation and opinions. Their technical expertise can help to clarify a narrow concern or bring independent, reliable and defenceable services to large scale projects.
Contact today to learn more about our hotel valuation processes.

Market & Feasibility Analysis

Market & Hotel Feasibility Analysis Consultants bring expert guidance in the analysis of market and market conditions.

With experience in virtually all market segments, our professionals can assess investment and development objectives, financial modeling, identify risks and offer insight and strategic support.
With strong expertise in the due diligence process, our professionals are able to present hotel feasibility studies that are used in the process of structuring and securing financial and investment support in for a range of hospitality product, brands and in a wide geographic range.
Our professionals provide careful analysis of current and projected business conditions in the context of the unique location of the planned development. Helping to validate owner objectives, project positioning and branding to maximize market potential, our consultants help developers make decisions based on informed and judicious evidence.

Capital Planning & Project Management

With decades of experience at both the operations and owner levels, our Consultants bring vast knowledge of hotel mergers and acquisitions, structured financing, and capital planning for and implementing CapEx projects to maximize return on investment, and at the same time minimize operations impact during execution.

Our professionals will assist in identifying and recommending short- and long-term hotel capital plans, as well as coordinating the interface between owner/developer, executives with brand companies, and with third-party operators.
Maxiumum’s consultants are detail-oriented experts who are able to leverage experience and relationships to offer broad-based direction to ensure the viability of a project. Our professionals offer guidance in budgeting, developing project timelines, determining highest yield investments, assisting in assembling structured financing solutions, sourcing project teams, and even recommending contingency plans to achieve successful execution.

Site Selection, Land Use & Planning

Our Consultants have decades of experience working with developers, land planners, architects, attorneys and local regulatory agencies, as well as the many other professionals needed to guide some of the most complex and multifaceted visions to realistic and successful development.

Whether urban or large land development, our professionals can assist with hotel site selection issues such as site conditions, density and entitlement issues, infrastructure and contract disputes, and assessment of potential risks. Maximum's consultants are able to work within an interdisciplinary development team or as third-party independent advisors.
Contact us today to learn more about Maximum Hospitality’s hotel site selection process.

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